Is it time to update your Carpeting? Let us show you the latest styles and colors, we have them all! Plush, Sculpted, Berber, and Frieze with a price point to Accommodate every ones budget. Yarn choices consist of Polyester, Nylon, Olefin, Smart Strand (Triexta), to fulfill your Residential and Commercial needs. Let us help you choose the right yarn for your life style.

Cut Loop: Frieze carpeting is highly twisted cut pile designed for high traffic areas, designed to last longer and shows less marks than other cut and piles. Plus carpeting is an example of cut pile carpeting that is distinguished by a weave that is smooth and dense. The actual cut of the pile is such that the appearance of the carpet surface gives the impression of perfectly manicured plush section of grass. This type of floor covering is widely available, and the option of choice for many purposes.

Cut and Loop Carpet: Sculpted carpeting Designed in a different way that uses both cut and looped carpet fibers. Cut and loop hides footprints and other marks. It often offers various textures and sculpted looks.

Level Loop: Berber carpeting fares well in high traffic areas. Higher level loops can give you a look of luxury while still being easy to maintain and suitable for a lot of foot traffic. Berber, a level loop pile style of carpet has grown in popularity and often offers thicker yarn. It also works well for high traffic family areas.

Multi-level loop pile and differs only in that heights of the carpet vary. Various levels of loop give a look of random texture.

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